Tips For Saving On Heating Bills In The Winter

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Tips For Saving On Heating Bills In The Winter

Reduce your heating costs & avoid furnace repairs, without sacrificing comfort!

1. Programmable Thermostat
Save up to 10% annually on your heating bill by simply reducing the temperature on your thermostat 10 degrees for 8 hours throughout the day. A programmable thermostat allows you to automatically schedule temperature changes throughout the day so money isn’t wasted heating the house while you are out at work or overnight while you sleep.

2. Maintenance
Keep your heating bills down by scheduling your annual maintenance service call before the first cold front of the winter season hits. This provides a licensed technician the opportunity to inspect your heating system, clean the filters and ensure that is is performing optimally.

3. System Upgrade
Were you aware that modern furnaces are able to achieve efficiency ratings as high as 98.5%? Older makes and models of furnaces range in efficiency from 56 – 70% AFUE. Having your furnace upgraded is a great way to save on escalating heating bills. Upgrading from a 56 to 96% efficiency furnace model alone can save you up to 40% annually on your heating costs. An added bonus is the reduction of carbon monoxide emissions by 1.5 tons!

4. Air Leaks
Failure to have air leaks in your home plugged up is the equivalent of allowing your hard earned money blow out the window. Your windows alone can be responsible for upwards of 25% of your monthly utilities due to heat loss. It is imperative that all your doors and windows have weather stripping installed to prevent air from escaping and to save you money on your heating bills.

5. Curtains
Most modern curtains can reduce heat loss in your home by up to 10% if they are closed at night before bed. Sealing your curtains to the wall with Velcro or magnetic tape can further increase savings by up to 25%.
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