Facts About Furnace Repairs

You need to learn about the options that you have for heating your home and do the right research to give you the information that you need, and this is what we have realized.The most commonly asked questions are listed here and are based on those that customers of this company constantly seek information on. You can get additional information or the required advice if you call on (719) 399-1066 or make an appointment for a service call.

How should I schedule routine furnace maintenance?

Like almost all manufacturers, we suggest that you get in a furnace technician with the right training to service your furnace at least once a year. During these routine checkups, it can be ensured that the furnace is clean and that the furnace is functioning at its peak efficiency and inspection carried out to detect parts that have worn out excessively or are corroded. When routine maintenance like this is carried out the efficiency and life of the furnace will get extended.

When do I have to replace my furnace?

When you are looking for improved reliability and increased efficiency, it gives you sufficient reasons for replacing your present furnace with one that is newer.  Properly maintained furnaces have a lifespan of between ten and fifteen years. When you have a furnace that is old or find the heating inadequate or find you are paying higher utility bills, it means you need to call the experts to check your furnace or need to start looking at replacing your furnace. Your furnace may be giving you adequate service, but a newer model can give you increased efficiency of energy usage and also increase the value of your home. When you switch over to a newer model of furnace or upgrade the one you have with one that is more efficient in energy use or requires fewer repairs, you will actually save money in the long run because your utility bills are lower and there are fewer repair expenses.

How do I decide on the best furnace to replace the one I have in my home?

Our furnace installation technicians are the experts you need to consult to decide on the right furnace to replace the one you have in your home. You can always to do this research on your own, but if you are looking to be current with the latest in technology, you will benefit from the advice of professionals who can tell you the best model of furnace that suits your budget and your home. Call us and we will send in our experts to inspect your home and know your particular needs so that they can make the right recommendation.

Is there a difference between a 90% AFUE furnace and an 80% AFUE furnace?

The AFUE rating system measures the percentage of energy used in a furnace that gets converted into heat that can be used. So obviously, an 80% rating will mean that 80 percent of the energy you use in the form of electricity, oil or gas that your furnace uses gets converted to heat.If your present furnace predates the AFUE rating system it is likely that your efficiency will be lower than the 80 percent that is the minimum acceptable for furnaces in this system. You may require paying a little more, but it is possible to get furnaces that have ratings that can vary from 90 to 98 percent.